Seaside wedding in Venice

Wedding in Venice

Getting married in Venice can be one of the most beautiful experience of your life for many different reasons.

First of all a wedding in Venice can be unforgettable for its historical setting make a precious culture scenery. You can experience your wedding in the same places where the famous Venetian painter Canaletto in the 18th captured the most beautiful images of the city.

The water is a complementary element perfectly combined with the majestic facades of palaces.
The sound of water moving through the canals and its particular scent makes everything so special and unusual.


Last but not least, Venice’s climate can let you choose among all seasons. In Summer of course the sunny weather is perfect for a warm wedding in Italy. But Winter scenario is absolutely stunning thanks its soft dull light who invites you to discover Venice secrets!


Discover Venice beauty

Are you ready to get married in Venice and feel involved in such charming landscape?

Tie the knot in Venice

Tie the knot in Venice

We have several solutions for all kind of ceremony you are looking for in Venice. The city has a long background in terms of history and art. You can find here beautiful ceremony venues with different styles.

If you are keen for a civil ceremony you can choose several palaces overlooking Canal Grande. The most famous is Palazzo Cavalli located in the heart of the city, not far from the famous Rialto Bridge.
The Palace has a special room at the noble floor with a large Venetian window where you can enjoy a fantastic view over the city.
But if you are looking for a religious ceremony, there are a lot of churches in Venice and surrounding islands. Specifically, Venice has catholic, protestant, orthodox and jewish churches and temples.

If you are looking for a symbolic ceremony in Venice, it’s a good occasion to experience an outdoor ceremony on a terrace overlooking Canal Grande, or in a secret garden among the palaces. But a ceremony on a Gondola boat is surely the most particular way to celebrate your union!

Wedding reception in Venice

Wedding reception in Venice

If you choose a wedding in Venice you can choose a traditional Venetian palace. You can also plan a masquerade party adding a touch of mystery to your special day!
But there are also lovely gardens and islands all around Venice lagoon, you will be spoiled by choice!

If you decide for a wedding reception venue in the heart of the city, you will surely breath lively atmosphere rich of fun like Venetian people used to live in the past. But if you reach the surrounding islands the setting is quieter and more intimate!
Wedding reception venue scouting can be an interesting process as you will realise how many options the area offers.

Wedding in Venetian Villas in the countryside

Venetian Villas in the countryside

Venice surroundings have amazing villas available for a wedding ceremony and reception. It could be a good way to know more about Veneto region and its local traditions.

I would love to mention among all Palladian Villas. They are a fascinating part of local history. They used to be houses of the land owners.
Villas have a symmetrical architecture and the inside halls are very functional: here people organized their everyday activities.
Gardens are full of hedges, trees, fountains, greenhouses, statues and boulevards where you can have a walk in an intimate setting and get amazing wedding photos.
We are sure you will in love with this amazing world where you can experience a glorious Italian past.

Venetian wedding masks

Venetian masks

A magical occasion to celebrate a unique wedding in Venice!
Venetian masks are part of the local ancient tradition. Masks have been the symbol of mystery, seduction and transgression from all past social rules. This scenario puts in evidence how the local life style was so lively and playful.

Venetian masks are the most representative symbol of Carnevale in Venice, a tradition long from 1700.
This important Festival is 10 days long, you need to imagine the city full of masks everywhere, it’s a funny experience!If you’re looking for an unusual frame or a very different theme for your wedding in Venice and its Carnival could be the perfect idea for you!
Venetian typical wedding dishes

Venetian typical dishes

For your wedding in Venice we highly recommend to taste the local cusine! Fresh sea fish is the main proposal, you absolutely need to taste the famous “sardine in saor”, one of the most ancient receipt in Venice. But we can’t forget “Bisato”, in other words it is the stewed eel.

If you prefer a meat menu, Venetian traditions offer delicious local cold meat.
Our suggestion is taking some time and visit the local bars in the city – like the old Caffè Florian in Piazza San Marco – where you can taste local canapés called Venetian Cicchetti. You will really enjoy it!

Seaside wedding planner in Venice

Veronica, your wedding planner in Venice

Veronica Frasca our expert guide you to plan your Wedding in Venice.
She has a wide experience in planning weddings in Lombardy and Veneto regions including Lake Garda.

Veronica can help you to organize all the details of your wedding in Venice, including civil or religious paperwork, wedding venue choice, logistics, flower decors, music and lighting, wedding menu and local wines.
You can meet Veronica and let her guide you through this amazing journey in breathtaking Venice!