Your special elope ceremony in Venice

Your special elope ceremony in Venice

Venice is always one of the most elegant wedding destinations.
Its majestic palaces overlooking the water are incredible. No other city all over the world can offer such astonishing historical scenery!
If you really love Venice, why don’t you think about eloping here and enjoy an unforgettable and capture the city’s most beautiful corners?
Your special Elope in Venice will be magical.

elope ceremony in Venice

Your special elope ceremony in Venice

Let’s see our proposal

We can plan your elope ceremony in Venice at Palazzo Cavalli in the heart of the city, not far from the well known Ponte di Rialto and the historic fish market.
Its sixteenth-century facade has 3 floors, and just on the second floor, there is a lovely room where your civil ceremony can take place.
After the wedding ceremony, I recommend a photo shooting around Venice, capturing beautiful Venetian views and discover the secrets of such a charming city.

elope ceremony in Venice
elope ceremony in Venice

Your special elope ceremony in Venice

Accomodation in Venice

The city offers a wide range of hotels located in different areas.
This is making the city Ideal for your special elope ceremony in Venice. However, it’s essential to book a hotel not far from Palazzo Cavalli, so you can easily reach the Palace by a pleasant walk.
Alternatively, suppose you have a hotel further away from the Palace. In that case, I suggest renting a motorboat. It allows you to reach the ceremony venue quickly and enjoy the beautiful city from the boat.

beautiful Venetian views

Your special elope ceremony in Venice

The Wedding Timing

Venice is particularly suitable for a photo session at sunrise. The sun rises just in front of St Mark square, so early in the morning, the lighting in that area is perfect. If you take a motorboat and move around the city, you can enjoy the magic moments of the day. After a fun photo session around the city, you can reach Palazzo Cavalli for your romantic wedding ceremony. The sound of a violin can accompany your walk down the aisle.
This is the appeal that a special elope ceremony in Venice can have.
But if you prefer the traditional timing, let’s go with the getting ready in the morning, a ceremony at around midday and then the photo shooting in the afternoon!
Any timing you choose, it will be an incredible experience!

In case you are traditional I highly recommend that wedding timing:
  • 09:00am – getting ready
  • 11:30am – leave the hotel
  • 12:00pm – ceremony at Palazzo Cavalli
  • 12:30pm – photos shooting around the city
  • 02:30pm – end of shooting

In case you feel unconventional, let’s go with it:
  • 04:30am – getting ready
  • 07:00am – leave the hotel photo session
  • 09:30am – ceremony at Palazzo Cavalli
  • 10:00am – toast in a local bar!

photo session at sunrise

Your special elope ceremony in Venice

Civil ceremony package – services included:

  • Paperwork civil ceremony
  • Interpreter for the ceremony
  • Multilingual marriage certificate
  • Bridal Bouquet with roses
  • Groom Buttonhole with roses
  • Motorboat 2 hours photo session
  • Photographer until 3 hours coverage
  • Assistance choice accommodation
  • Assistance planning

Wedding Packages

  • Package for European couples EUROS 3.350,00 VAT INCLUDED
  • Package for Extra European couples EUROS 4.350,00 VAT INCLUDED
  • That package is applicable for the ceremony in the morning on a weekday according to the venue’s availability and out of the Holidays.

For the confirmation it’s required:
  • First deposit 30%
  • The second deposit, 30%, is due 90 days before the wedding.
  • Balance 15 days before the event


  • In case of a lockdown or cancellation of flights, it’s possible to postpone the event until 2022.

elope ceremony in Venice

Did you enjoy the wedding we planned in Venice?

Contact us, we will be happy and proud to plan your special wedding in Venice!

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