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We will be pleased to send you our proposals and ideas for your wedding on Italian seaside. If you will chose Amalfi Coast and Apulia you will be in touch with our planner Stefania, if you chose Sicily with Giovanna, Katiuscia will send you information for Venice and Alessandra for Italian Riviera. If you will leave the option “open to suggestions” our Team will take care of your request sending a wide overview of the possibilities on our Italian seaside and you could choose the one you prefer according your tastes, ideas, budget and dreams.


In case you have a destination in mind, not specified in the form i.e. Abruzzo, Marche, Sardinia etc please mark the option “open to suggestion” and write your favorite destination in the text box. Our planners work on these off beaten track areas too and they will be glad to send you some more unique proposals. We are looking forward to hearing from you and inspire your Italian Seaside Wedding!

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Main office: Via della Serenella, 35 – ROME
Phone: +39 347 226 9721

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